Testing and treatment of chlamydia without visiting a doctor

Contracting chlamydia can be an embarrassing topic to have to deal with and not necessarily one you want to face your family doctor with. But it’s also incredibly important to get it tested and treated as although it can be symptomless, it can have an impact on future fertility and cause problems.

Fortunately nowadays, it’s entirely possible to have a chlamydia test, diagnosis and treatment, all over the counter or online, without having to speak to your GP, so you can avoid the embarrassment while still receiving the treatment you need.

There are many testing kits available for the condition, which can be purchased through online pharmacies. You simply order the test and it will be sent straight to your home. It normally involves a urine sample for men and a swab for women.

Once the test kit arrives at your home, you just carry out the test according to the instructions, and then send it off to the laboratory address, which will come with the kit, and wait to receive the results back. You won’t be sent the results, but a login for the online lab, where you can then find your results confidentially.

The online test kits are 99% reliable and the results normally take just a few days to be sent back to you so you will know for sure if you or your partner has the condition very quickly. If you suspect you have it then you should abstain from sex until after treatment, because it can be passed on very easily.

You should also let anyone else that you have had sex with, know about the condition so that they can also get treated and talk to their previous partners. Once you have the results from the test, if they are positive then you need to get treated as quickly as possible.

The good news is you can also buy chlamydia treatments from online pharmacies as well, the same as the test kit, so no need to go to the GP or the sexual health clinic any more; you can avoid the embarrassment and get treated in your own home.

If you have a positive test result, then you can visit an online pharmacy and inform them of your diagnosis – you will need to complete a short online consultation with one of their qualified doctors. Make sure the site you are using is genuine and is registered with the MHRA before you order any online prescription medications.

If they are happy with your order then you can request treatment such as Azithromycin tablets – this is an oral antibiotic which completely cures Chlamydia immediately and normally comes in a pack of four tablets. The four tablets are one complete dose and will get rid of the chlamydia completely.

There can be side effects from taking Azithromycin including indigestion, headache, dizziness, joint pain. It can also cause more unusual side effects such as stomach pain, anxiety and disturbed sleep.

When you request the treatment from any online pharmacy, make sure you tell them about any other health condition you have, or any other medication you are currently taking, so they can decide which treatment is most appropriate for your particular need.

Chlamydia is very common sexually transmitted infection, particularly among the younger generation and it has no symptoms so can often go unnoticed. However, this can cause problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease and effect fertility levels in the future so if you have any concerns that you may have contracted it, it is always better to get it checked out with an online test, to put your mind at rest.

Using an online pharmacy for the test and the treatment ordering, means you can carry out everything from the discretion of your own home. No need to make appointments or be seen going into the sexual health clinic, or worry about telling your GP who knows your relatives.

With the online pharmacy services you can speak to a qualified registered doctor online, safe in the knowledge that they will then assess your case professionally before recommending the most appropriate treatment for you.

You don’t have to wait for appointments or sit in the waiting room with other people, you can do it all from your own computer. The test and treatments will be delivered in plain discrete packaging so no one will know what it is you have ordered and your potentially embarrassing problem can be dealt with very quickly and easily.