Finding the Right Hair Clipper for Men

There are far too many men who don’t have the right hair clipper, or don’t even have one at all. The right hair clipper can help you really look your best. If you’re interested in finding the right hair clipper for men then there are seven main thing to consider when purchasing a hair clipper.

The Price

Of course the price of the hair clipper is one of the most important factors. Remember that there are several things that go into the price of a hair clipper. Some of the key influences of price include the motor, the brand, and the quality of the clipper. While you might think about jumping on the first good deal you see this could leave you with an inferior product. Remember that you pay for quality. You don’t need to pay out of the nose to keep your nose clean though. Finding something in the mid-range should be good.

The Blades

How well-made the blades are is another key factor in whether a hair clipper is good or not. You want to buy a clipper that has detachable blades. This gives you more options for the length of your hair. You also need to have durable bloods that don’t require too much maintenance.

The Motor

You should never neglect the motor of the trimmer. It makes an excellent comparison point. The better the motor the better the hair clipper will work. It also needs to be powerful so that it can cut through thick, wet, hair. A more powerful motor can lead to a bigger price tag but the added functionality makes it worth it. There are three main kinds of hair clipper motors; rotary, magnetic, and pivot. The pivot is the most powerful, the magnetic is the fastest, and the rotary is the best all-round motor.

The Portability

If you’re an on-the-go kind of person then you need a hair trimmer that is easy to carry around with you. You need something smaller but you shouldn’t let the small size mean compromise its functionality. It’s entirely possible to purchase a lightweight hair clipper that still has the power you need.

The Accessories

Sometimes a hair clipper is more expensive because it comes with some accessories. These are accessories that can also be expensive if you buy them separately. If there are some accessories you know (or think) you want then make sure you buy a hair clipper that has them. It’s just much cheaper that way. It should also drastically narrow down your list of options and make it easier for you to choose the right hair clipper.

The Housing

When we say “housing” we mean the outside of the clipper itself. This is more important than you might think because the housing is what makes a trimmer durable, comfortable, and easy to use. You should really try to find a clipper with a high quality housing made from great materials. You need a hair clipper that can survive a fall or two so that you know it will last. It also needs to be easy to use.

The Cord

While you might feel that a corded hair clipper is less convenient than a cordless one (and you’d be right) the fact is corded hair clippers are far more powerful than their cordless counterpoints. If you value power you should go with a corded model. It’s important, however, to choose a model with a long cord length. That way you still have the convenience of not being tied to one location when trimming.

Even though a hair clipper is a great investment for a man who wants to take care of his appearance you can’t just pick up any old clipper. You should be willing to spend time and money to find the best hair clipper for you; one that will last you years and leave you looking great.

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