Are Portable Air Conditioners Safe?

 There is just no better way of getting cooled off during the summer, when the temperatures are extremely high, but lately, more and more people have started to wonder if the air conditioning units are actually safe. And that is exactly what we set out to find out for you.

The results of the research seem to have told us that basically, if you have an air conditioning unit that is rather old and badly maintained, no matter if it’s located in your home or your office, it may eventually become contaminated which could lead it to become harmful. Most of the health issues that have to do with this include allergies and asthma problems, which could be caused or worsened by this.

There is also the thing that is relatively recent, and what the experts call the “sick building syndrome”. This is something that has appeared in the ‘70s and includes people who have started to believe that the buildings in which they work has started making them sick. This may sound a bit silly, but is in fact something that is really real and develops due to several symptoms that, to the untrained eye, may look completely unrelated.

They include nasal congestions, headaches, breathing problems, irritated skin and fatigue. All of the causes of these symptoms seem to be the portable ac devices in the office buildings. It is said that due to various microorganisms that have been growing in the A/C system, some people’s health got worsened, but the problem lies in the fact that it is not exactly know what percentage of people is really sensitive to this, which makes it really difficult to guess just how big of a problem it really is.

The air conditioning systems are a lot different to the heating systems, because here, the cooling of the hot air leads to condensation and moisture, and this is something that has to be channeled away. That is why the people with bad AC units, whose units have been badly maintained, or just not installed properly, might want to start worrying about the bacteria and fungi which can be found there. In order to protect yourself from this, just take good care of your AC unit, and service it regularly.

However, besides some minor health problems, the portable AC units can also bring about many health benefits. For example, they filter out the pollution from the outdoor air and deliver us only the clean air.

On the other hand, the AC is doing its share in contributing to the greenhouse warming. However, this shouldn’t overshadow the fact that these things are really beneficial; they just need to be used properly and not extensively. If we just set our thermostats a bit higher during the summer and a bit lower during the winter, we could do a lot in terms of saving the planet. And this is not something that should scare us; in fact, the human body can adapt to various temperatures – it just requires a bit getting used to.