Testing and treatment of chlamydia without visiting a doctor

Contracting chlamydia can be an embarrassing topic to have to deal with and not necessarily one you want to face your family doctor with. But it’s also incredibly important to get it tested and treated as although it can be symptomless, it can have an impact on future fertility and cause problems.

Fortunately nowadays, it’s entirely possible to have a chlamydia test, diagnosis and treatment, all over the counter or online, without having to speak to your GP, so you can avoid the embarrassment while still receiving the treatment you need.

There are many testing kits available for the condition, which can be purchased through online pharmacies. You simply order the test and it will be sent straight to your home. It normally involves a urine sample for men and a swab for women.

Once the test kit arrives at your home, you just carry out the test according to the instructions, and then send it off to the laboratory address, which will come with the kit, and wait to receive the results back. You won’t be sent the results, but a login for the online lab, where you can then find your results confidentially.

The online test kits are 99% reliable and the results normally take just a few days to be sent back to you so you will know for sure if you or your partner has the condition very quickly. If you suspect you have it then you should abstain from sex until after treatment, because it can be passed on very easily.

You should also let anyone else that you have had sex with, know about the condition so that they can also get treated and talk to their previous partners. Once you have the results from the test, if they are positive then you need to get treated as quickly as possible.

The good news is you can also buy chlamydia treatments from online pharmacies as well, the same as the test kit, so no need to go to the GP or the sexual health clinic any more; you can avoid the embarrassment and get treated in your own home.

If you have a positive test result, then you can visit an online pharmacy and inform them of your diagnosis – you will need to complete a short online consultation with one of their qualified doctors. Make sure the site you are using is genuine and is registered with the MHRA before you order any online prescription medications.

If they are happy with your order then you can request treatment such as Azithromycin tablets – this is an oral antibiotic which completely cures Chlamydia immediately and normally comes in a pack of four tablets. The four tablets are one complete dose and will get rid of the chlamydia completely.

There can be side effects from taking Azithromycin including indigestion, headache, dizziness, joint pain. It can also cause more unusual side effects such as stomach pain, anxiety and disturbed sleep.

When you request the treatment from any online pharmacy, make sure you tell them about any other health condition you have, or any other medication you are currently taking, so they can decide which treatment is most appropriate for your particular need.

Chlamydia is very common sexually transmitted infection, particularly among the younger generation and it has no symptoms so can often go unnoticed. However, this can cause problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease and effect fertility levels in the future so if you have any concerns that you may have contracted it, it is always better to get it checked out with an online test, to put your mind at rest.

Using an online pharmacy for the test and the treatment ordering, means you can carry out everything from the discretion of your own home. No need to make appointments or be seen going into the sexual health clinic, or worry about telling your GP who knows your relatives.

With the online pharmacy services you can speak to a qualified registered doctor online, safe in the knowledge that they will then assess your case professionally before recommending the most appropriate treatment for you.

You don’t have to wait for appointments or sit in the waiting room with other people, you can do it all from your own computer. The test and treatments will be delivered in plain discrete packaging so no one will know what it is you have ordered and your potentially embarrassing problem can be dealt with very quickly and easily.

Vaping, the Alternative to Cigarettes

Vaping is now-a-days known as a good alternative to smoking. It is also very new in the market, which is hitting the contemporary methods over the past decade. As the use of Vaping is not so popular among people, people are in confusion whether it is better option that cigarette or not as both emits smoke.


We all know very well that smoking can cause all sorts of grave diseases whether from minor health problems like a general cough to extreme disorders like lung cancer and serious heart diseases. Actually smoking any kind of tobacco is the main avoidable cause of death around the world. According to many cancer researchers, smoking causes death of about six million people around the world every year, where at least 30% of the deaths caused by cancer and other deadly diseases caused as a result of smoking. You don’t want to end up using Home Care Preferred Live in Care London service much younger than you thought. So make the switch.


Unlike cigarettes Vapor don’t have bad smell like smoke. It neither changes the color of your teeth nor makes any bad breath or smell. In fact, vapor has some flavor like candy or vanilla, which emits good smell depending on the e-liquid. Vaping is more socially accepted prefer to smoking but before Vaping in public places, you should aware about local laws as several states ban it. And if you want various flavors to enrich your crave towards Vaping then the one stop solution is Tank Puffin where you will get a variety of rich flavors.

Are Portable Air Conditioners Safe?

 There is just no better way of getting cooled off during the summer, when the temperatures are extremely high, but lately, more and more people have started to wonder if the air conditioning units are actually safe. And that is exactly what we set out to find out for you.

The results of the research seem to have told us that basically, if you have an air conditioning unit that is rather old and badly maintained, no matter if it’s located in your home or your office, it may eventually become contaminated which could lead it to become harmful. Most of the health issues that have to do with this include allergies and asthma problems, which could be caused or worsened by this.

There is also the thing that is relatively recent, and what the experts call the “sick building syndrome”. This is something that has appeared in the ‘70s and includes people who have started to believe that the buildings in which they work has started making them sick. This may sound a bit silly, but is in fact something that is really real and develops due to several symptoms that, to the untrained eye, may look completely unrelated.

They include nasal congestions, headaches, breathing problems, irritated skin and fatigue. All of the causes of these symptoms seem to be the portable ac devices in the office buildings. It is said that due to various microorganisms that have been growing in the A/C system, some people’s health got worsened, but the problem lies in the fact that it is not exactly know what percentage of people is really sensitive to this, which makes it really difficult to guess just how big of a problem it really is.

The air conditioning systems are a lot different to the heating systems, because here, the cooling of the hot air leads to condensation and moisture, and this is something that has to be channeled away. That is why the people with bad AC units, whose units have been badly maintained, or just not installed properly, might want to start worrying about the bacteria and fungi which can be found there. In order to protect yourself from this, just take good care of your AC unit, and service it regularly.

However, besides some minor health problems, the portable AC units can also bring about many health benefits. For example, they filter out the pollution from the outdoor air and deliver us only the clean air.

On the other hand, the AC is doing its share in contributing to the greenhouse warming. However, this shouldn’t overshadow the fact that these things are really beneficial; they just need to be used properly and not extensively. If we just set our thermostats a bit higher during the summer and a bit lower during the winter, we could do a lot in terms of saving the planet. And this is not something that should scare us; in fact, the human body can adapt to various temperatures – it just requires a bit getting used to.

Why You Need a European Health Insurance Card When Travelling

Travelling can be really fun, but preparing for a travel can be a bit tiresome. With all the packing and buying tickets, many people don’t even think about their health or what do do if they find themselves sick or injured in a foreign country. Well, the solution is simple – just get a European Health Insurance Card. You need this for more than one reason, and that is exactly what we’re going to explain here.

Firstly, let’s explain what a European health Insurance Card (or EHIC for short) really is. It is a card that is available to all the residents of the United Kingdom who wish to travel to Europe. But, keep in mind that this card is only valid for the countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, meaning that you can’t use it in the European countries of Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, etc. It should be noted that every single person travelling needs to get their own EHIC; keep that in mind!

So, why should you get an EHIC? Well, basically, this is a card that is going to help you out when you are sick or injured while abroad. It will allow you to get the very same medical treatment as a regular national of that county; this does not mean that you get free healthcare with this card, it just means that even though you are a foreign citizen, this card allows you to get the very same treatment as the citizens of the country you’re in are getting. Because the healthcare systems are different from one country to another, you really ought to read up on the system of the country you’re travelling to.

Many people think that a European Health Insurance Card is the same as travel insurance, but it is not, and this is extremely important to note! Some travel insurance exclude some of the injuries or illnesses that are definitely covered with an EHIC, and therefore, a European Health Insurance Card is something you must have. Also, travel insurance is something you have to pay, while the European Health Insurance Card is completely free!

In order to get it, you just need to apply for it at the official NHS website, fill out all the details, and then you just have to wait for it to come to you by mail. Also, keep in mind that these cards need to be renewed every 5 years, and because the renewal of it is also free, why not do it? Don’t wait for the card to expire; do it before that happens, and definitely should you do it before you start your journey.

This should be done up to 6 months to the day of the expiry, meaning that you have plenty of time.

Basically, a European Health Insurance Card is something you should have while travelling the Europe. It can help you out, make you equal to the residents of the country you’re in, and help keep the medical costs down. And because it’s completely free, not getting one would just be foolish.

If you’re not travelling, check out a site like: http://www.healthinsurancefinder.co.uk/ for full health insurance quotes.

Finding the Right Hair Clipper for Men

There are far too many men who don’t have the right hair clipper, or don’t even have one at all. The right hair clipper can help you really look your best. If you’re interested in finding the right hair clipper for men then there are seven main thing to consider when purchasing a hair clipper.

The Price

Of course the price of the hair clipper is one of the most important factors. Remember that there are several things that go into the price of a hair clipper. Some of the key influences of price include the motor, the brand, and the quality of the clipper. While you might think about jumping on the first good deal you see this could leave you with an inferior product. Remember that you pay for quality. You don’t need to pay out of the nose to keep your nose clean though. Finding something in the mid-range should be good.

The Blades

How well-made the blades are is another key factor in whether a hair clipper is good or not. You want to buy a clipper that has detachable blades. This gives you more options for the length of your hair. You also need to have durable bloods that don’t require too much maintenance.

The Motor

You should never neglect the motor of the trimmer. It makes an excellent comparison point. The better the motor the better the hair clipper will work. It also needs to be powerful so that it can cut through thick, wet, hair. A more powerful motor can lead to a bigger price tag but the added functionality makes it worth it. There are three main kinds of hair clipper motors; rotary, magnetic, and pivot. The pivot is the most powerful, the magnetic is the fastest, and the rotary is the best all-round motor.

The Portability

If you’re an on-the-go kind of person then you need a hair trimmer that is easy to carry around with you. You need something smaller but you shouldn’t let the small size mean compromise its functionality. It’s entirely possible to purchase a lightweight hair clipper that still has the power you need.

The Accessories

Sometimes a hair clipper is more expensive because it comes with some accessories. These are accessories that can also be expensive if you buy them separately. If there are some accessories you know (or think) you want then make sure you buy a hair clipper that has them. It’s just much cheaper that way. It should also drastically narrow down your list of options and make it easier for you to choose the right hair clipper.

The Housing

When we say “housing” we mean the outside of the clipper itself. This is more important than you might think because the housing is what makes a trimmer durable, comfortable, and easy to use. You should really try to find a clipper with a high quality housing made from great materials. You need a hair clipper that can survive a fall or two so that you know it will last. It also needs to be easy to use.

The Cord

While you might feel that a corded hair clipper is less convenient than a cordless one (and you’d be right) the fact is corded hair clippers are far more powerful than their cordless counterpoints. If you value power you should go with a corded model. It’s important, however, to choose a model with a long cord length. That way you still have the convenience of not being tied to one location when trimming.

Even though a hair clipper is a great investment for a man who wants to take care of his appearance you can’t just pick up any old clipper. You should be willing to spend time and money to find the best hair clipper for you; one that will last you years and leave you looking great.

Or you could just get a professional cut from the best barbers in London – Drakes of London.

Coconut Oil and Fitness: How Can It Help You?

Coconut oil is one of the best things you can buy to improve your fitness performance. But why? On this piece of content we will take care to explain you why you must buy and use coconut oil in a daily basis.

It can help you to have more energy, burn fat and build muscle in a completely new level. You will discover this and more as you read this article. We invite you to finish it.

The Wonders:

One of the main reasons on why you should buy this kind of oil, is because it allows you to cook your food in a totally safe way. Stop using vegetable oils, and instead, use this delicious wonder to bring your Clearspring food a nice, flavorful and healthy roast! (good coconut oil for weight loss guide)

Coconut oil has a high heat point, meaning that it will keep its structure even if you elevate it at pretty high heat levels. If you want to start eating healthier, and therefore contributing to your gains, then this is all you have to do. And we have said, the flavor is simply excellent, you have to test it by yourself to tell the difference.

Super Energy:

Another good reason on why you should buy this oil is because it will fill you with lots of energy in no time. This happens because this oil has tons of medium-chain triglycerides. In comparison to the normal triglycerides, these won’t have to go through a full metabolizing process, so it means you will have access to all this energy in a blast.

That’s why it’s recommended to take a spoon of this delicious oil before training. You will feel the difference in terms of energy, because it will allow you to do that extra effort, and therefore increase your gains.

And here you have a little tip: drink it with coffee. I know it sounds a bit strange for many, but you only need to add 1 cup of coffee + 1 spoon of coconut oil in the blender, mix it and drink it! You will feel a lot better. Because this beverage will be filled with healthy fats and caffeine, which will put you at the edge of your seat and allow you to go from zero to hero in your fitness workouts.

You just have to try it. You will notice a huge increase in your energy levels!

Burn Fat and Build Muscle:

coconut oilAnd as a result of being able to train for a longer time, you will build more muscle and burn more fat. You need to use this energy wisely, so you don’t over train yourself, because over-training can really hurt you and your gains.

If you want to burn fat and build muscle like never before, then one of the best things you can do for yourself is to start using coconut oil and whey protein by Supplements Direct in your day to day life. This is going to be a nice and effective investment, take note of that.